Understanding your health   unlocks a brighter future 


During Covid-19  all consultations have been undertaken by Zoom, Skype and Face-time.  This style of consultation has worked well allowing patients to remain safe at home whilst their case can be discussed and observed gaining the same results as those enjoyed by patients previously visiting the clinic.  Online consultations will be continued to be offered as an effective alternative to clinic visits.


Nutritional Therapy is the use of nutrition science to improve health, performance and and general well-being.


Practising registered Nutritional Therapists use a wide range of tools to assess and identify possible nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to  symptoms and health concerns.

Dietary changes can bring about remarkable improvements to the body particularly through improved blood sugar metabolism which when dysfunctional is often a cause of many illnesses.   

Having supported several hundred patients of all ages and condition types it becomes

clear that the attention to key changes in diet and lifestyle bring long lasting positive

health changes.  Visit the Nutritional Therapy page for a full list of treatments covered

and cases studies. 

The Consultation is undertaken either via conference call or now back in clinic. 

Clear guidance is provided during and after each consultation in the form of a report

with easy to follow information. 


Nutritional and lifestyle factors are always the first option when considering corrective  treatment plans. In some situations, even when recommendations have been followed, complex cases require further investigation.  In theses situations laboratory testing can provide a fast method to understand deficiencies, imbalances or genetic predispositions.


Clinical testing is often undertaken to clarify: 

  •     Food sensitivities

  •     Levels of heavy metals

  •     Hormone imbalance    

  •     Gut microbiome status

  •     Genetic profiling  

Insight into complex cases
Providing insight into your health

Iridology is a diagnostic science which provides a safe, non-invasive, inexpensive method of analysis that can be integrated with both orthodox and complimentary medicine.  


A photograph of the iris provides insight into genetic strengths and weaknesses and guides the practitioner to appropriate treatments.  

Each consultation includes a basic Iridology assessment highlighting features and

corresponding health advice.  


A full Iridology assessment can be booked as a personalised guide to a preventative

approach to health.

 Registered memberships 

  Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International 

  The Leading Body for qualified iridologists in the UK

Call for a free telephone assessment Tel: 07831 120423

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