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Iridology is the examination and analysis of the coloured portion of the eye, the iris, to determine factors that may be important in the prevention and treatment of disease, as well as in the attainment of optimum health.

The iris picture can suggest that where there is a problem, more than one organ may be involved or that some emotional or mental element exists.  In these situations an understanding of what is happening leads to more appropriate personalised advice.

As well as charting the signs and markings found in the iris, an

assessment is taken of the whole person and the factors that have

shaped the life of the patient.  

Hippocrates, the ''father of medicine'', said, ''it is more important to

know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of

disease a person has''.  Iridology provides an assessment tool that

can indicate how the body responds to day to day stress, in cases,

more accurately than the patient may realise. 

A brief iridology assessment is made during the consultation by taking a photograph of the iris.  This is a non-invasive and fast process and provides an immediate indication of constitutional strengths and weaknesses.

A full Iridology assessment can be booked as a separate consultation for a personalised guide to a preventative approach to healthcare.  Please refer to the consultation packages for more information on this. .

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