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The Brain Health Programme

What is The Brain Health Programme?
The Brain Health Programme is a nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme.  It has been designed to optimise brain
health and cognitive function using a multi-modal nutrition and lifestyle approach.

The Brain Health online audio programme  and content has been designed by Cytoplan based on the nutrition and lifestyle elements of Professor Bredesen's  'The Bredesen Protocol'.   With the assistance of Cytoplan's charitable foundation, The Aim Foundation, Cytoplan is working with a number of licensed nutritional therapists to help bring Professor Bredesen’s work to the UK.     You can find out more information about Cytoplan and this programme at

The programme delivers six pre-recorded workshops,  these cover topics that have all been shown in research as being important for brain health, including:

  • Mind What You Eat: Poor diet is a significant factor in mental health and other conditions affecting the brain

  • Optimising gut health:  Poor gut health increases inflammation and is one of the features of many health conditions, including cognitive decline

  • Stress reduction:  Persistently elevated levels of the stress hormone can kill brain cells and negatively affect brain function 

  • Getting a good night’s sleep:  During sleep our body cells detoxify (eliminate) waste products, this is the same for our brain

  • Exercise:  Aerobic exercise protects the brain from damage and helps to build new cells within the brain 

  • Brain training:  Challenges and stretches the brain allowing new connections to be created and maintained

Each workshop is designed to help you engage with every aspect of the programme and understand what you need to do to optimise brain function. The workshops include suggestions to show you how to make, and sustain, lifelong food and lifestyle choices to improve brain health.
Of course, we don’t just eat because we are hungry – being bored, upset, and the sight or smell of food can all cause us to eat, sometimes hijacking our good intentions and causing us to make poor food choices or to overeat. The Brain Health Programme will start you on the journey towards understanding and changing your relationship with food, with the goal of helping you make long-term, sustainable behaviour changes.

You will also receive a 60 minute initial consultation and two 45 minute follow up consultations with your nutritional therapist who will guide you into the programme, follow your progress and oversee any aspects relevant to your specific health symptoms.  

If you wish to take any functional tests these are organised through independent laboratories and your nutritional therapist will advise you of the relevant costs and explain the results to you.

Who is the programme for?

If you are concerned about your risk of cognitive decline now or in the future, perhaps because you have experienced brain fog, poor memory, anxiety, low mood, stress or a reduction in your ability to concentrate, or maybe you have a family member that has been diagnosed with dementia, then you might be interested in this programme.

Enrolling and the cost of the programme:  

You can enrol onto the programme at any time.  Full logon details will be provided during your first consultation along with any dietary considerations related to your health symptoms.  You will also be asked to complete a health questionnaire prior to the first consultation.  

The price of the full programme and consultations is £245.00 

Registered Memberships
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