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The Pre-consultation questionnaire


The more quality information gathered before and during the consultation the more targeted the support becomes.   Gathering client data efficiently has become a strong economic model for Henley Nutrition clients ensuring that their consultation time is efficient, effective and good value for money.   For this reason an online pre-consultation questionnaire has been designed asking important questions in a time efficient way.  Up to one hour should be allocated to complete this form which is required at least two days prior to the consultation. This information then guides the time spent with patients ensuring appropriate questions are covered in more detail.  During the consultation questions are asked about patient history, their environment, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease.  This provides for a very individual approach and treatment plan for each patient. ​



The Consultation

  • The initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and involves taking an in-depth case history, a discussion around the presenting symptoms and provides advice regarding laboratory testing if this is required.  A corrective six week plan is created with supplement and or herbal recommendations with lifestyle considerations.  The consultation is followed up with a report. 


  • Follow up consultations last 1 hour and usually take place six weeks after the initial consultation. 

It is the aim of the practice to resolve symptoms as quickly as possible. A marked improvement is usually reported at the follow up review.   Where a case is complex or requires several laboratory tests,  the package of additional follow up reviews may prove more cost effective. Advice will be provided during the first consultation, or enquiry call.

If you have any questions about your condition or the services provided by Henley Nutrition it is recommend that you arrange a telephone assessment.  This free service will allow you to determine if nutritional therapy is for you.  

Following the telephone assessment an appointment will be made and you will be asked to complete the on-line questionnaire.  You can access this here or download a pdf copy here which will need to be returned by post or email two days before your consultation. 

Telephone assessment    free of charge   15 minutes 


Initial assessment                £115.00            90 minutes

Follow up                                 £65.00              60 minutes   

Telephone/Skype review     £35.00             30 minutes

Package                                    £180.00           Consultation & 2 reviews 

Iridology assessment           £125.00           90 minutes 


Brain Health Programme    £245.00          Online content 


                                                                            1 x 60 minute 

                                                                            2 x 40 minute                                                                                                                                                                      consultations 

Consultation Fees  

Supporting our elderly patents 

In support of protecting our elderly population Henley Nutrition are offering a 20% discount off consultation fees for all patients over 65 years of age until the end of December 2020.

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Payment is made at the appointment with credit/debit card (no Amex please) or cash.

If required laboratory testing is in addition to the initial appointment fee. In most cases these are paid to the laboratory when submitting samples.

Supplements are also an additional cost, information on where to buy each individual supplement will be provided.

 Registered memberships 

  Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International 

  The Leading Body for qualified iridologists in the UK

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